Optimize collections for your subscription business

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Collections for subscription businesses can be complicated and painful.

You have more invoices, more payments methods, more reasons payments fail, and many more ways to respond. You need a solution that’s up to date with all the modern payment technologies and maximizes automation and efficiency for salvaging failed payments.

That’s Why We Built Collect

Collect offers an automated solution to maximize your collections success in the Subscription Economy.

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Automated Intelligent Retry

Are you seeing lost revenues from credit card declines? Most of these declines can be recovered with smart, targeted retry logic. Zuora Collect can orchestrate various retry rules and actions, targeting the root cause of the decline for millions of failed payments at a time.

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Automate collection tasks and processes when customer action is required

When customers fail to pay or invoices are overdue, leverage Zuora Collect to quickly build your own automated dunning processes tailored to each customer scenario to take actions like Suspend, Resume, and Send Email & SMS Notifications to drive payment of overdue invoices.

Manage all collection tasks in one place

With Collect, revenue managers can:

  • Assign collection agents to overdue accounts
  • View accounts and collection statuses
  • Set reminders, create tasks for other users, leave notes and attach files in an account feed
  • Report on collection success by collection agents and market segments
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